2 thoughts on “Beganovic, Jermin”

  1. someone that I truly adored and love taking away do to people trying to judge him for who he is like who cares let him be he was a great guy the only thing he was different people are just jealous of him because he was on his responsibilities it’s sad that they let people roam the streets that are dangerous and want to hurt others now they’re coming to me trying to hurt me after all this is going on I’m still stuck and not believing that he’s not here no more I feel like it’s a lie I feel like it’s a prank it’s unbelievable to me it it hasn’t hit me all the way yet I cry here and there but it’s like I feel like it’s not real my holidays I stood in the house been depressed I wish I was with him on the holidays I feel like you know like I don’t want to be here but I have children I can’t be selfish I got my kids that want me to be alive but if I didn’t have any kids I wouldn’t be here I will want to be with Kiko this is just so far and everybody’s just like nothing there’s people that don’t feel pain there’s people that don’t even acknowledge the fact that there’s a lot bad going on and no one’s doing anything I wish I could bring him back I wish I could bring him back I miss him so much before he died he told me that he needed me and he love me I feel bad I feel like it’s my fault because if I would have went to go see him he would have still been alive why did they have to hurt him why did they have to kill him I pray that God catches everyone doing foul acts this world has gone too far and it’s disgusting to me that it’s being let’s to be this way

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